"Within our communities, social and environmental responsibility is a way
of life, practicing organic and biodynamic agriculture is cultural, self subsistence
is a necessity and social responsibility
is the single biggest priority."

Our farms are home to 25,000
people - our family.

Higher than industry wages and
bonuses, specialized medical facilities, mandatory education for the children, scholarships to students wishing to
pursue higher education, housing and utilities are among the many benefits provided at no cost to the families living within Ineeka's self sustaining farms.

These organic farms are considered, within the tea and organic community worldwide, as how self sustaining communities can be viable on a large scale; how they can truly be environmentally responsible; and more importantly how they serve as a model
for the fair and equitable social and economic conditions
for the people whose lives are dependent on the economic viability of these projects.

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Nurtured by fresh mountain air and mineral-rich spring water, our 12 family farms (encompassing 15,000 acres) are located within the pristine Himalayas - the best tea growing region in the world.
The most important consideration within our system is the welfare of the people, which are no doubt our biggest assets.
Additional land and resources to cultivate herbs, fruits and vegetables and livestock for dairy products are provided to the people living on the farms. This helps generate additional income for the families.
These healthy farms support and stabilize our people, and therein inspire meticulous attention to quality. Their passion and dedication to cultivating these high quality infusions, which embody purity and freshness, exemplify their harmony with each other and nature - a tradition passed down through generations since 1861.
The result is communities that are happy, content and proud of being part of the family.

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