At ineeka we believe that nature is our greatest guide. The soil is the raison
d'être for life
, the very essence of our existence. It is that reverence that guides us to love, nourish and protect our soil.
Not only do we cultivate our products organically, we also follow the principles
of biodynamic agriculture. We use natural, organic nutrients to nourish the soil and align our activities with the rhythms of the universe to create an ecosystem in harmony with the cosmic forces.

Through dedication to our principles we have created a holistic and natural product that represents the essential flavor of the Himalayas. It is our goal that when you sip our teas, you will savor the purity of the earth and the commitment of our people.

"This century is one of correction and
we will play our part in that endeavor and take along with us those that have a similar commitment by showing them the way." This effort, however small will play a big part in healing ourselves and the earth.

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Ineeka teas are certified 100% Organic by CCOF as per USDA NOP and European Union (EU) Standards. Certified Biodynamic® by Demeter®. Our farms are also certified by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO).
Reverence for nature and the belief that the same life force pulsates through
all beings has led us to adopt the Biodynamic® System of Agriculture
. In
this holistic method all activities are aligned
to the rhythms of the universe. The essence of nature is captured by sowing, cultivating and harvesting in symphony with the cosmic forces. Harmonizing and vitalizing Ayurvedic and Homeopathic herbal preparations are used to nurture
the soil.
Our delicate and naturally fragrant whole leaves are produced using only the tender two leaves and the young bud - the most nutrient rich parts of the tea plant. These leaves are brimming with healthy, potent antioxidants, and encompass the best natural flavors and aromas.
Our desire is to share our heritage, our passion and our specialty with you - our global family.

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