Nurtured by fresh mountain air and mineral-rich spring water, our 12 family farms (encompassing 15,000 acres)
are located within the pristine Himalayas, the best tea growing region in the world.

Not only do we cultivate our products organically, we also follow the principles
of Biodynamic™ agriculture wherein
we align our farming practices with the rhythms of nature.

Thriving within these self-sustaining ecosystems are 25,000 people - our family. These healthy farms support and stabilize our people, and therein inspire meticulous attention to quality. Their passion and dedication to cultivating these high quality infusions, which embody purity and freshness, exemplify their harmony with each other and nature...
a tradition passed down through generations since 1861.

we invite you to witness the purity of our gardens, to breathe the crystal clear air,
to initiate your senses with the richness
of our heritage…we invite you to return to the essence of your being and to discover the grandeur of mother earth.

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Ineeka is the only tea company in North America that owns its own tea farms. Our teas reflect the quality assurance and social responsibility of this vertical integration.
Ineeka teas are certified 100% Organic by CCOF as per USDA NOP and European Union (EU) Standards. Certified Biodynamic® by Demeter®. Our farms are also certified by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO).
Higher than industry wages and bonuses, specialized medical facilities, free schooling and housing are a few of the many benefits provided at no cost to the families living within Ineeka's self sustaining farms.
Direct sourcing from our own family farms assures high product quality at peak freshness. Our teas come directly from the field to your cup, as freshly as if you had picked them yourself.
Our family farms have been producing teas that are recognized and positioned as the highest quality since 1861.

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