Ineeka's exclusive whole leaf delivery system the Brew-Taché is a remarkable reinvention of the way our teas arrive
in your cup. Truly a graceful alternative
to the tea bag, the pre-packaged Brew-Taché provides a complete and unrestric-ted infusion which allows the whole leaves to unfurl completely therein expressing the purest nuances of natural flavor in your cup - a truly satisfying sensory invoker.

Not only does this innovation provide convenience to brew whole leaf tea by eliminating the need for pots, strainers, cleanup and measure-ments normally associated with brewing loose leaf tea, it provides you the sheer satisfaction of experiencing their true tastes and aromas.

Cultivated within our own self-sustaining organic and biodynamic family farms, our delicate and naturally fragrant whole leaves are produced using only the tender two leaves and the young bud - the most nutrient rich parts of the tea plant (not the broken, isolated crushed plant parts normally used in tea bags).

Ineeka teas are packaged in air-tight containers to preserve their fresh-ness. Reuse the containers or recycle.


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Each brew-taché is an individually packed infuser that contains pre-measured loose leaves for a superlative cup of tea.
Nurtured by fresh mountain air and mineral-rich spring water, our 12 family farms (encompassing 15,000 acres) are located within the pristine Himalayas - the best tea growing region in the world.
Our 100% Organic tea leaves are brimming with healthy, potent antioxidants, and encompass the best natural flavors and aromas. What's more, they have no added flavorings or oils.
Air-tight tin containers preserve the integrity of these fine organic teas. They block out sunlight and moisture that would otherwise alter these delicate leaves and herbs, and ensure that they remain at peak freshness. It's an age old tradition and the only way to store tea of this quality.
Beyond recycling, our recommendations for reuse: Donate to your local school, church or community center. Store photos, keepsakes, business cards or desk supplies. Organize stamps, mailing labels, coupons. Fill with candy, cotton swabs or loose change. Create a craft project.

How are you putting your tin to use? Let us know so we can share it with others!

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